PHOENIX Vietnamese Chicken Diner

The naming contains 'Pho' which means Vietnamese rice noodle. Also, it only uses chicken so I turned a regular chicken to a phoenix to convey the concept of the diner. Phoenix is run by a young man who opened his own business for the first time, which is adventurous and wild. This fact inspired me to come up with the brand design; a cowboy from Western Movies. As the brand direction was to make a humble place for food, I incorporated modern brand design with rural parts of Vietnam.
-Client: PHOENIX
-My Services: Wall Decoration (partial), Brand Direction & Brand Design
-Naming by Jinwoo Chang
-Interior Design: Third Pig Interior
-Photography: In and Out Studio
-Designed at Chang’s INC
불사조라는 의미를 가진 영단어 "Phoenix" 와 베트남 닭쌀국수를 판매하는 곳에 연결점인 "닭" 을 위트있게 불사조처럼 해석하여 진행한 브랜딩 입니다.

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