New Wave Seoul, Korean Bunsik place
New Wave Seoul offers a fresh take on Korean street food, pairing it with their signature sauce. Inspired by the Seoul subway system, which serves as a symbol of connectivity between the past, present, and future, the concept embodies innovation and tradition.
Client : New Wave Seoul
My Contribution : Brand Video, Poster Design, Menu, and Business card design
Space Design : Studio Gongzone
Designed at Creative Gongzone
신서울은 브랜드만의 특제소스로 한국 분식을 새로운 시각으로 해석한 브랜드입니다. 서울 지하철을 모티브로 과거, 현재, 미래를 연결하는 컨셉으로 브랜드 비디오, 포스터 디자인 등을 디자인 했습니다.

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