Obliqua Italian Restaurant

The brand concept was inspired by Ancient Roman history where diverse and rich ingredients were available. Ancient Roman people enjoyed sumptuous suppers in an oblique position. This fact intrigued me so I came up with the naming "obliqua" which is a feminine word for ‘oblique’ in Italian. I created appetizing ingredients as light and playful watercolor digital paintings to add modern flavors to the brand.
-Brand Direction, Naming & Brand Design
-Not used
고대 로마시대에서 귀족들은 호화로운 저녁 만찬을 즐길 때 비스듬하거나 엎드려 누워서 먹었었다는 재미있는 점에 인상을 받았고 이탈리어로 "비스듬한" 이라는 뜻을 가진 여성형용사 "Obliqua" 를 네이밍으로 정하여 밝은 톤으로 진행한 브랜딩입니다. 사용되지 않은 개인 작업물 입니다.

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