GOMBERT French Bistro
Antoine Gombert (1875-1950), a French priest, made history by introducing European grapes to South Korea for the first time. Inspired by his legacy, the brand is dedicated to bringing the essence of French cuisine and premium wine to enthusiasts, ensuring everyone can savor the finest flavors.
Client : GOMBERT
My Contribution : Branding & Illustrations
Brand Direction & Naming by Jinwoo Chang
Interior Design : Third Pig Interior
Photography : In and Out Studio

Designed at Chang’s INC
안성에 유럽 포도나무를 최초로 전파한 프랑스에서 온 공베르 신부님에 영감을 받아 좋은 와인과 프랑스 음식을 즐길 수 있는 프렌치 비스트로의 브랜딩을 진행했습니다.

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