Sollo, payment management mobile app for freelancers
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Project Overview
Freelancers need an all-in-one platform to organize their payments from clients. There are some mobile apps for this but it doesn’t provide an all-in-one process and doesn't show how much they are not getting paid. Freelancers should be able to see the latest outstanding and overdue amounts and contact clients via one mobile application. My design lets users see how much money, and who they should contact, check payments then transfer to their bank accounts!
My Role and Duration
I explored other invoicing apps for freelancers and other regular payment apps to figure out how I could deliver an all-in-one app. I spent five days on the research. And a whole month took me to finish branding and UXUI design
Problem Statement
Existing invoicing apps don’t show outstanding and overdue payments for users when the ultimate goal of invoicing apps is to know the current finance and get paid on time.

Users aim to see overdue/outstanding invoices and contact clients to receive payments. They can also link their card, and bank accounts to transfer payments.
Design Process
My wireframe seemed effective until before I started designing it. Surprisingly, I began to see what was not working while actually applying UI design. So, I changed a lot of screens which taught me what doesn't work.
My design can provide all-in-one payment management for freelancers. It’s visually appealing and intuitive for users.
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